Fifty Shades of Review

Rapid review, mapping review, scoping review, rapid evidence assessment, realist synthesis, qualitative evidence synthesis, systematic review et al. Which one to choose? As a health librarian thirty years ago your choice would have been quite easy. Narrative review versus Systematic review, perhaps with an add-on Meta-analysis if the included studies allowed. Now we face an entire industry of different review types, each requiring different search methods and approaches.

As a busy health librarian you need to be able to understand the basic differences between review types. You need to know which review type can be used for which purpose. Most of all, you need to be able to offer support with appropriate and well-chosen literature search methods. This one-hour online virtual expert seminar will share tips and techniques to equip you for these challenges.


Andrew Booth

Dr Andrew Booth is a review methodologist/librarian who specialises in advising on review types. Along with colleagues at the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield, he has authored a book to help make such choices.

In this seminar, Andrew Booth will share his expertise to help you better support your users when facing the task of reviewing the literature.




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